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  • 10 Factors to Consider When Implementing an SEO Campaign

    Posted on October 5, 2013 By vfadmin

    SEO is an abyss. For an SEO campaign that might rank up your website on all search engines, it does require object oriented SEO strategy, focus on marketing content, quality inbound links and focus on targeted keywords. Although successful implementation of SEO campaigns requires a lot of hard work and patience but do remember that:

    “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”

    SEO campaign is a key for online success for any website. In this fast-paced SEO world, SEO managers have to follow the latest SEO trends set up by Google, like changes in Google’s algorithm because Google is the most  regular visitor of your website.

    The objective of this post is two-fold. One is to understand what preference you have selected for your SEO campaign. Two, to devise ways to achieve your Goals set forth for achieving searches engine visibility.

    What you did for successful SEO campaign?

    SEO campaign totally depends on the creation of quality content which in return helps in getting more traffic to your website via backlinks etc. There are certain factors which should be considered in order to successfully run an SEO campaign. Some of the factors are as follows:

    1. Follow the latest SEO trends
    2. Quality content
    3. Creating Good Backlinks
    4. Content Optimization with the right targeted key Phrases
    5. Frame SEO campaign by following Google updates
    6. Social Media Optimization
    7. Focus on Getting traffic
    8. Interlinking of the post, Create a network of post
    9. Focus to make the visitor(s) stay at  your website
    10. Write only What People like

    Follow the Latest SEO trends:

    To successfully implement an SEO campaign, make sure that you are following the latest updates and trends of Google. Google’s latest updates will help you to figure out the SEO strategy.  Be experimental, because if you do some experiments then you can get the idea what dimension you should give to your SEO campaign.

    Quality Content:

    Content is the beauty of your website, if a website is an orchard than surely, unique content is its florae. Think about a beautiful catchment, what should be in it and then do the same with your website. The beauty of content lies in how you explain the things, how you use the keywords and how beautifully you represent your idea, by using all the practices required for creating an exceptional content.

    Know the interest of your audience and write audience focused content. The content should be informative and entertaining, so that reader should not lose his/her interest, if you are writing in this way, you are definitely writing a top quality content.

    Building Backlinks:

    Backlinks is not as much important as writing quality content. If content is the floret of the orchard then backlinks are the ones watering these florets. Backlinks help in getting more traffic. But, all of this depends on your content. If the content is keywords focused and user generated then it can naturally bring backlinks.

    Backlinks raise your page ranking in search engine and make your website more visible.

    Content Optimization with the right targeted key Phrases:

    But the magic of backlinks can only work if you have the right keywords that are being optimized in the content. Majority of the SEO guys focus on building Backlinks which is not the right practice to raise PR of your website. What does matter is the quality content because it is the only content that can attract the reader’s attention and helps in getting traffic.

    Another option for attracting high quality inbound links is Guest Blogging; you can build good online reputation in this way.

    Frame SEO campaign by following Google updates:

    You cannot accomplish your task if you do not follow the Google updates.  Google’s updates can make or break your all efforts for implementing an SEO Campaign. Google Panda and Penguin updates can contribute to your site’s visibility because Google Panda focuses on the quality of contents and Google Penguin tracks the poor links. So, always follow the guidelines developed by Google because Google is watching your blog, as Google is the regular visitor of your website.

    Social Media Optimization:

    The posts can do well only when they’ve been scheduled instead of published. Right schedule can give your post more likes and more traffic that is what you need. For social Media Optimization, share it on all Social Media Pillars like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and etc. Sharing of article is necessary because as people who will click, they will be directed to your website, hence your website can easily get traffic via Social Media Optimization.

    Focus on Driving Traffic:

    For a successful SEO campaign, the most important factor is to optimize your website with unique content and good backlinks. Before publishing fresh content, start working on your older post, optimize your webpages against targeted keywords so that it can be visible in search engine.

    The most convenient way to get traffic is to interlink your new post with some older but relevant post. By interlinking the post, you can make your post platinum, by enhancing their usability.

    Another option for getting good traffic is to have multiple sites. You can get good traffic by adding link to other sites.

    External linking is an opportunity to create a network and get some good backlinks, these backlinks are noticed and appreciated by Google.

    Create a network of post:

    You can create a network of post by interlinking them with the specific keywords and the anchor text. What difference does it make? All of your exceptional posts need to be highlighted and internal linking provides this opportunity. Internal linking keeps both the visitors and search engine crawler on your website for more time.

    Focus to make the visitors stay at your page:

    Your entire SEO campaign is scale up to make visitors stay longer at your website. As it has been already mentioned that content is the lifeline of website. Links come naturally, visitors come naturally if you offer an exceptional content that is considered as an authority in your niche. A unique content should address all the problems and difficulties people are facing in their specific niche.

    Write only What People like:

    Always write content that can grab the attention of the readers. The content should raise the interest of the readers, as the reader start reading it, he should delve in it. It can only be happen if the article or blog post is written exceptionally. If the content is informative and entertaining then it will certainly grab the attention of the readers.

    Audience focused content not only increases the life of your blog, but it will also help you figure out what your audience wants to read. In this way you can create your Blog community.

    Be consistent in implementing your SEO Campaign, because SEO is not a set and forget process. It’s a long term investment that helps in establishing your online business. Time and effort are two variables of SEO Campaign, that needs consistency and for long term results, patience is required. Don’t prefer to get automatic links because it can spam your website. To make your SEO campaign successful, just focus on creating quality content, keeping the audience in mind. Write in informal way, start conversation with them.

    By writing content in an informal way you can build trust and can easily communicate with them through your blog. Just realize the sound of users and you can write with more ease. Speak as much as you want, discuss the problems of user through your blog. This will help to develop a community and surely your website traffic will improve. This is what Google wants form your end. If you own an online business do not forget to hire our SEO Services, we offer affordable SEO services in affordable price range. Feel free in sharing your thoughts with us.